The Tree Warden scheme was launched by the Tree Council in 1990 to harness the power of local volunteers for the good of their communities’ trees. It has co-ordinated it ever since, working with local authorities, voluntary organisations, parish councils and local partnerships, to set-up and develop Tree Warden networks in town, city and countryside across the UK. Today there are many thousands of Tree Wardens in local networks throughout the country forming a volunteer group of immense value to the environment.

The Tree Warden scheme gives people who feel that trees matter an opportunity to:
• champion their local trees and woods
• plant and care for trees
• carry out woodland management
• survey trees and gather information about them
• provide early warnings of threats, disease, decay or vandalism
• get involved with like-minded people for training and field trips
• spearhead Tree Council initiatives, such as its Hedge Tree Campaign to reverse the decline of trees in hedges

If you would like to get involved, or are keen to find out more about the Tadworth & Walton Tree Warden group, please contact the local co-ordinator as detailed.

Co-ordinator: Patricia Brookwick
Tel: 07949 209234
Website: Click here

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