Mission Statement:

As a Volunteer Organisation Surrey Heath Tree Wardens seeks to inspire everyone in our community to achieve greater wellbeing. We will achieve this through Promoting the Protection, Conservation and Propagation of Trees and the general protection and care of the natural environment and ecological diversity in and around Surrey Heath.

Our objectives are as follows:
To create the means for general community involvement in the maintenance and care of our public and other green spaces, by organising working parties and liaising with the Borough and other landowners, to facilitate access and deliver joint projects.

To promote the education of the public in the benefits of conservation and protection of the natural environment, through talks and presentations to organisations such as schools and community groups, and by participating in public events.

To document and record trees of significant Community and Borough interest

To act as the “Community Voice” for local “Tree” matters, raising concerns, suggestions and the promotion of our objectives with Local and National Government, Private landowners and any other institution which may be concerned.

Co-ordinator: Trefor

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Upcoming events are listed on the Surrey Heath Tree Wardens website here.

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