You are not expected to be an expert in trees, woodlands and hedgerows, but should have a particular interest in them. That, and a willingness to devote the necessary time and energy, is all that we look for.

You will probably have gathered, being a Tree Warden is a position of trust and responsibility. As a Tree Warden your actions reflect on the scheme nationally and on our local organisation. For these reasons, new members in Surrey must be sponsored by an existing member of the Surrey Tree Warden Network.

This is not as exclusive an arrangement as you might think. If you already know a Tree Warden, simply ask them to say whether they think you have what it takes to be one. If so, get them to countersign your application form and return it to us.

If it is felt you are not yet ready to be a Tree Warden, ask why. It might be you need to do some reading or to get some training or practical experience. Attending some of our events will certainly help.

Should you not know any existing members of the Network, contact us. We will arrange for someone to make contact and discuss membership with you. Alternatively, come on one of our events and make yourself known to an existing member on it. We will make sure that you are contacted soon after.

Once we receive your completed form, with your sponsor’s signature, we will send you an information pack, as well as details of training and events. We will put you in touch with a local Tree Warden or the local group.

Remember being a Tree Warden is a position of responsibility and as a Tree Warden your actions represent the Surrey Tree Warden Network and the national Tree Warden scheme.
The Tree Warden's Handbook is a unique hip pocket sized ring binder full of information to help you, as a Tree Warden, be effective in your roll. It will give you some basic details and suggest where you can find out more. It has been designed to be practical and flexible, you can take all or part of it out in the field.

All members are provided with a hard copy of the Tree Council’s Tree Warden Handbook, including updates/new sections that are added from time to time. Should any member wish to consult an online copy of the handbook, they can do so by visiting the Tree Council (TC) website and registering as a user member to access members’ only content of the TC website. The Tree Council holds a list of Surrey members provided by the Tree Warden Network, which enables it to verify that you are a member of an affiliated tree warden group to whom user access may be granted.
  • Do I have to pay to belong to the Surrey Tree Warden Network?
    No, there is nothing to pay. Membership is free.
  • How do I join?
    By completing the application form below. You will then be contacted by email.
  • Do I need to be a tree expert to join?
    Not at all. You just need the enthusiasm and time to do something for trees.
  • Is there a badge or a T-shirt?
    New Tree Wardens will receive a copy of the Tree Warden handbook. Hi-viz jackets with 'Tree Warden – Volunteer' on the back are available for a small donation.
  • Will I get training?
    Yes. There is an ongoing training and events programme for the year. Please see our events page.
  • What powers would I have?
    Only those of the ordinary person. Tree Wardens are there to help, and cannot legally enforce specified action.
  • Will I be on my own as a Tree Warden?
    This is unlikely. There are a few ‘singleton’ Wardens but most belong to a local group. We will put you in touch with your local group or a local Tree Warden.
  • What sort of things will I do?
    These vary according to the needs of the moment, your inclinations and any programme your local group might have. See ‘Becoming a Tree Warden’ for an idea of the range of activities we engage in.
  • Do Tree Wardens cut down trees?
    Generally only as part of coppice management or organised woodland management. We do not advocate Tree Wardens cutting down other peoples trees as part of their role as there are qualified and insured skilled contractors for such works. Only Tree Wardens qualified to do this sort of work would get involved. However Tree Wardens would be able to give impartial advice and guide people in appointing a local tree surgeon.
Please fill out the application form and send to us.


By sending this email you consent to Surrey Tree Warden Network (STWN) using the information that you have supplied:
1. To communicate with you as a member of STWN.
2. To store securely for membership purposes.
3. To provide to you information about the Tree Council, to which STWN is affiliated.

You may request your data not to be used for any of these purposes by written notification to the Membership Secretary. You may also at any time request details of your data which STWN holds, again by written request to the Membership Secretary.


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