By Joshua Earle
Surrey is the proud home of many historic landmarks including Hampton Court Palace and Polesden Lacey.

But while palaces dating back a few centuries may seem impressive, the county boasts much more ancient relics — its trees. And it has 25 remarkable specimens which you might frequently pass by without realising.

To help you spot them, a booklet 'Remarkable Trees of Surrey' listing the county's best frees has been produced by the Surrey Tree Warden Network, to celebrate the charity's 25th anniversary.

Nuffield tree warden Liz Ramsay, who edited the booklet, said, "The idea was to celebrate 25 years of existing with a booklet that would celebrate 25 remarkable trees of Surrey. It features trees throughout Surrey from Spelthorne in the north to Lingfield in the east and Dunsfold in the west. They were chosen by Surrey Tree Wardens at their AGM last year.

They are all wonderful, ancient trees. My preference was probably the Crowhurst Yew. It is the most extraordinary age. If you think back this has seen 3,000 years of history."

Members nominated a total of 140 frees. Then, they all had to pick 25 - the trees that received the most votes have been featured in the booklet. It was funded by Surrey County Council, through a grant from Lingfield councillor Michael Sydney.
A footpath had to be rerouted after a wisteria in Sunbury toppled over!
The lime in Gatton Park, near Reigate, is featured in the list. Its description says, "There are three huge and impressive common limes growing in the grounds of Gatton Park, near Reigate, and this is one of them. The park at Gatton is one of the masterpiece creations of Capability Brown who transformed the landscape around the mansion between 1762 and 1766. The limes could be survivors from that time."

Over in Tandridge, an imposing yew tree stands tall in a church's grounds. The book says, "This remarkable yew stands in the quiet churchyard in the village of Tandridge. With a girth of over 10m and a huge canopy this is truly a 'wow tree'. Its size indicates it could be 1,500 years old."

But a yew tree in Crowhurst, outside St George's Church, could be even older still, dating back 4,000 years. According to the book, it has served as a meeting place for the parish council and at another time housed a homeless family.
Remarkable Trees book cover
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